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Talking about one of our favorite topics and most frequently asked questions today: How did {do} you start a calligraphy business?! We know it can be SO intimidating but we hope to ease some of your nerves and give you that extra push you need to just go for it! So if you’ve been thinking about starting a lettering, design, or calligraphy business in your daydreams, why not start now?!

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Running a side hustle can be a ton of work, but oh so worth it. Having a place to pursue your creative passion can be the bright spot of your week, especially for those in a desk day job you don’t particularly LOVE. There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of the day to switch gears and decompress with your nib, ink and a stack of envelopes (with a glass of rosé if you’re sip & script’ing correctly). We wanted one place to share some of what we have learned along the way, and hopefully inspire you to take that next leap!

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Here are some photos from each of our calligraphy businesses for some inspo!

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If you have yet to play around with Jacquard’s Pearl Ex powdered pigments for your calligraphy practice, you are seriously missing out! We wanted to share one of our favorite inks with you and a quick tutorial because it is SO easy to use. The shimmer in these beauties are hard to beat and they come in such a huge range of colors that you’ll be able to easily color match for any project. So many students ask us about using colored inks and this is a great next step for once you feel comfortable with your black sumi ink flow. Pearl Ex Powder Pigments for calligraphy ink

For the Pearl Ex powders, it’s important you also purchase powdered gum arabic to mix into your ink. With calligraphy you can use gum arabic as a binder, to up your shimmer factor, and to prevent the ink from cracking or bleeding once dry. It’s really a small magical powder (also comes in liquid form – but save that for mixing tiny amounts into your gouache ink!) and a little goes a long way so it will last you a long time! The gum arabic will cost you about $4.00 and the Pearl Ex pigments run around $8.00. 
Pearl Ex pigment powder for calligraphy
pearl ex pigment powders calligraphy ink DIYOnce you decide on a color (“pink gold” and “super bronze” are the two pictured here) all you need is an empty ink jar, stir stick, measuring spoon, and your dip pen! 
pearl ex pigment powders for modern calligraphy supplies DIY colored inks

You’ll then need to mix your powders in a clean ink jar using the ratio of 1 part gum arabic to 4 parts pearl ex powder prior to adding the water. Doesn’t have to be exact here!pearl ex pigment powder for calligraphy DIY tutorial

When you’ve proportioned out the powders, it’s time to SLOWLY add small drops of water and mix well (or shake!). You want to add the water a little at a time and mix in between to be sure that you get the ink consistency you prefer. If it seems a little watery, you can add a more gum arabic but if you accidentally added way too much water I would just go back to the 4:1 ratio to double it up. rose gold calligraphy ink DIY pearl ex pigments

And voila! Perfect pinky peach shimmery goodness in a jar! Sealed tightly, these store well without drying up to last you for multiple projects. The jar pictured is actually a cosmetic storage container we found on amazon in packs of 12. You can see the ink drying below and how it really does dry with that beautifully raised texture and shine factor!modern calligraphy with pink ink pearl ex powder We hope you try these Pearl Ex pigments and love them as much as we do! Make sure to tag #sipandscript in your practice posts – we love seeing your work! Happy lettering & cheers to the weekend!


portland, maine calligraphy workshop events at The Press Hotel
To kick off the 2017 holiday season last month we planned our first ever Maine class at The Press Hotel and decided to make a weekend of it to celebrate our business turning 2! We packed our caboodles (professional make up artist kit on wheels turned calligraphy case) for our road trip and had way too much fun running around the city of Portland with our #instagramhusbands!

shit that i knit beanies in portland maine press hotel

                   it wouldn’t be a sip & script getaway if we didn’t have matching hats {]

The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine


The Press Hotel is the most darling boutique hotel located in what used to be where the Portland Press Herald operated out of until 2010. It really is a calligrapher’s dream, with pangrams embroidered into the desk chairs of each guest room, letters on the hallway carpets, and the lobby bar called The Inkwell. If we ever have an official HQ, it would include all of the above!The Press Hotel Portland, MaineThe Inkwell Bar in the Press Hotel Portland, Maine

After a happy hour at the Inkwell bar, we continued the party over at Mash Tun for some pre-dinner beverages! Highly recommend this cozy spot for a killer local beer list and awesome snacks right in the center of the city. We then ventured over to one of Meg’s favorite spots, Little Tap House, for dinner before returning back to the hotel for a nightcap at their restaurant, Union. We can’t rave enough about the phenomenal cocktails and also the breakfast (try to find a better avocado toast in Boston, you won’t!) we had there the next morning before setting up for class.

portland, maine Mash Tun

                                                                                  team brews at Mash Tun

When The Press Hotel reached out (way back in July!) about planning a collaboration we had set up a meeting right away and knew it would be the perfect location to host our first Maine event. We planned a Sunday brunch themed calligraphy class and 40 fabulous ladies came to join us for the occasion. A huge, heartfelt thank you to The Press Hotel for providing the brunch pastries, mimosas, and the gorgeous backdrop to a dream event. We can’t rave enough about the sweet and helpful staff throughout our stay! To celebrate the season of giving, together with The Press Hotel, we donated a portion of ticket sales to a local Portland non-profit called The Telling Room. We were so happy to contribute to this writing center for children that “believes that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success.” We couldn’t agree more!

sip & script calligraphy workshop portland, maine brunchportland, maine calligraphy workshop for beginners at The Press Hotel

We loved getting to meet such an awesome crew of Portland’s creatives during our Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy class that Sunday. We made many new photographer friends, and finally got to meet our insta friends Maggie from Seacoast Lately, and Emily from Rookie Party Blog! We were so touched that some of our guests even made the trip up to Maine from Boston and Providence for the occasion too! Thank you everyone for helping us ring in our second birthday in the best possible way. Portland, we love you, and can’t wait for our next trip!
portland maine calligraphy workshop at The Press Hotel