Sip & Script™ started as an idea between two friends and Boston calligraphers, Meg and Julie, who thought it would be fun to host calligraphy and hand lettering classes in an informal and casual atmosphere, where hobbyists and professionals alike can come, have a cocktail, learn from one another, and most importantly, connect over their love for the art of calligraphy.

With their first class selling out in mid-December 2015, Meg and Julie quickly realized that this is something that the community really enjoyed. They set out in 2016 to add more events to their calendar and to continue partnering with small businesses and venues across the greater Boston area to co-host events, such as Alice’s Table, Crompton Collective, and The Cottage.

With a calendar that continues to grow, and classes now being held across New England, from private events in New Hampshire, to the popular Crompton Collective in Worcester, to Love Affair Suite in Portsmouth. Sip & Script™ strives to help spread the art of calligraphy and hand lettering by giving people access to a fun and supportive environment in which to learn and hone their craft.

Sip & Script™ is all about connecting passionate calligraphers of all levels of experience!

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