The 3 Items You Need in Your Craft Supply For Hosting & Gifting

graphic on pumpkins The 3 Items You Need In Your Craft Supply For Hosting & Gifting"

The 3 Items You Need in Your Craft Supply For Hosting & Gifting

Have you ever been invited over to a friend’s to a last minute get together or been heading out the door to a party and realized you forgot to grab something to bring? Read on for our new favorite hack to keep in your back pocket for when you’re short on time but still want to look thoughtful and appreciative for your party host!

It’s no secret we are BIG here on the little details in life that elevate everyday scenarios which is why we advocate for taking your calligraphy skills outside of class.  Attending our events is more than just a one time fun event because you can apply it to SO much in daily life. Hand lettering touches just make people happy, PERIOD!

One of our favorite party tricks involves a small but mighty list of supplies you definitely should keep on hand for those moments you need to add just a little bit of *spice* to wherever you are heading.

A few weeks ago one of our instructors, Molly Ward, was raving about this fringe ribbon from Hobby Lobby and later used it for her class place cards by tying it to cardstock. She quickly got the team hooked on this ribbon and with it’s velvety texture paired with her beautiful calligraphy it was easy to see why!

Although my days of having hundreds of place cards to make every month are long gone, I couldn’t help but grab a few rolls when I was perusing Hobby Lobby to get in on the hype. I grabbed some plain gift tags to pair with the ribbon and knew I could put them to use for all my October plans: visiting two friend’s new homes, neighbor hangouts, girls’ nights, football Sunday hosting, and Halloween parties.

Check out Molly’s San Antonio Calligraphy Class Schedule or Filter by State to Find A Class Near You!

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Here is what you need:

By swapping out names for seasonal phrases and words you can have an easy instant cute hostess gift or anytime gift! These are so versatile I definitely see myself getting more ribbon colors for holiday table place cards, decorating (wreaths! Garlands!) and beyond. Pro tip: you’ll find awesome ribbons like these outside of the holiday sections of stores so don’t sleep on them just because they’re not labeled as “holiday”.

Tie the tags on wine bottles, pumpkin beer, or a little bouquet of flowers and you’re good to go! SO simple but when people receive hand lettered items it makes ordinary things seem next level!

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