5 Items You Need For The Easiest Friendsgiving Spread

5 Items You Need For The Easiest Friendsgiving Spread

It was a pleasant surprise to see 2 weeks in a row Thanksgiving won our instagram poll when asking if people were diving straight into Christmas mode after Halloween or embracing Thanksgiving. Social media can make it seem like it’s instant Christmas overload so I’m excited to share my favorite special occasion hack to hosting happy hour or any sort of gathering this month! 

I personally love calling any social event in November a Friendsgiving. Hosting a girls night? Attending a class for a girls night? Catching up over drinks with friends? That counts! It does not need to involve a whole complicated sit down turkey meal to qualify as a Friendsgiving.

 If you’re like me and not a fan of cooking but can throw together a mean happy hour, read on for 5 ways to add an extra festive touch to your 

  1. Roll of kraft paper – so versatile, so affordable! I quickly measured this for roughly how far down the island (yes, I call our keyboard stand with plywood an “island” while we finish renovating) I wanted it to hang and had to cut it to size both lengthwise and width wise. If you’re setting up your snack spread on a regular sized table (and not this plywood special) you probably will just have to worry about the length! Once it’s cut to size, letter the big side panel quote or phrase first! I did a general “happy fall” but you could definitely do something fun for a Friendsgiving theme like “let’s get basted” or more general like “give thanks” or “welcome friends”. Do this step first and you’’ll letter more later! ALSO this roll is great because it will last you so long for multiple events!

2. The snacks – Trader Joe’s has the best happy hour snacks PERIOD! I mix it up with savory, sweet, seasonal, OG cult favorites. I completely fall for all of their marketing tricks with the holiday end caps and new seasonal goods every single time! Add candy too for your sweet tooth friends because the packaging is usually fun and adds that holiday festive factor! My favorite cheese of all time is the Unexpected Cheddar and no matter where I’m going or having over people always ask what it is! Can’t beat the price too. 

3. Serveware – Mix it up! I took out vintage plates that matched the autumnal color palette but also added paper snack cups I found at Hobby Lobby and these cups are also cute! Best way to make your spread look more interesting instead of snacks just put out completely flat!

4. The setup – Roll out your kraft paper and start placing your plates and food items. Once you have it all laid out, now is your time to shine with cute hand lettered labels right on the kraft paper! This marker is our favorite white pen go to. I also added some lettering to a mini pumpkin so don’t stop at the labels – more is more in our opinion, always. 

5. The Extras – Add flowers, some signature drinks, candles ALWAYS (this one is from Otter Creek Shop in downtown Portsmouth, NH – they ship!) – hard rule, and different textures like my scarf as a table cover seen here. Look around at what you already have at home and add it in!


Did you even happy hour if you didn’t add lettering to your spread?! #calligraphy #letteringideas #falldecor @hobbylobbystores

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

Why have a regular happy hour when you can have a pretty hand lettered one?! Our alumni especially should be adding lettered touches to your events this year!! If you host or attend a Friendsgiving we wish you and your bestie group a happy one!

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