7 Procreate Calligraphy Brushes We Are Loving Right Now – FREE S&S Brush Download!

7 Procreate Calligraphy Brushes We Are Loving Right Now – FREE S&S Brush Download!

We’ll always love classic pen and paper calligraphy, but we also cannot get enough of digital lettering on our iPads! After years of practicing and testing out tons of brushes, we’ve compiled our top 7 Procreate brushes that we swear by!

If you’re a calligrapher considering making the investment for an iPad for your business, we highly recommend saving up to make that major purchase! The possibilities of what you can create with digital lettering is endless. From invitations, website work, products, and digital downloads the sky is the limit. Not to mention the time you save with vectorizing! Seems like a lifetime ago we would scan in our calligraphy once dry and have to vectorize it in photoshop.

Although it takes some getting used to, the Apple pen picks up on the pressure you apply so that it mimics a calligraphy dip pen if you vary your pressure. The app Procreate comes with tons of fun brushes to play around with but lately we have been loving experimenting with other brushes you can add to your brush library within the app. It’s kind of like choosing a nib, you eventually find your go to brush you keep reaching for again and again but meanwhile it’s fun to play around with all different styles.

Wether you’re looking to create wedding pieces, doodle for fun, create social media graphics, or even using a Cricut machine (or silhouette) definitely consider starting here with your Procreate brush journey (love that for you!)

7 Gamechanging Procreate Brushes to Try:

1. Procreate brush “Monoline” (included in app!) – this is a simple monoline brush, meaning the weight of the brush is not varied. It creates a smooth + even brush stroke.

2. Procreate brush “ Gesinski Ink” (included in app!) – turn your streamline setting all the way up and you’ll love the look of this one! 

3. Canvas and Kale “Every Day Calligraphy Brush” (for purchase!) – this brush is our go to for anything calligraphy based. It’s a super smooth brush with a good balance between the thick and thin strokes, and lightly fades at the end like a natural brush does.

4. Brush + Barley “Naomi” Procreate Brush (for purchase!)– this is a textured brush style that gives lettering a fun look!

5. Christina Campbell Art Textured Procreate Brush Pack (for purchase!)– this textured brush pack includes 16 brushes to add texture onto your designs.

6. ECLetters “Bold Calligraphy Brush” (for purchase!) – if the hunt 101 nib is your jam, definitely check out this dramatic brush for thick downstrokes!

7. The Script Calligraphy Pen by The Veronica Scripts (for purchase!) – the perfect pen for really elegant calligraphy styles including lots of flourishing!

We also have to mention, our Sip & Script brush lettering procreate brush is prettttttty amazing, too! We’re excited to debut it with you today for FREE!

Click here to download the FREE Sip & Script Calligraphy Brush for Procreate!

Let us know how you like it, feel free to share your work with us – we’d love to see so tag us @sipandscript on IG or Tiktok!!! If you download any brush on your desktop or laptop it’s easy to airdrop the brush files right to your iPad and Procreate will automatically open with the new brushes in your “imported” brushes tab.

We also recommend searching on Etsy or Creative Market for new brushes – or if you can’t find one you like, make it yourself!! That just might be our next tutorial! 🙂

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