Meet our Script Squad!

We are fortunate to work with some very talented calligraphers. In July of 2017, Meg and Julie expanded the team and welcomed the talented Jess Glazier as the first member of our “Script Squad”. Since then our team has grown to three amazing and passionate calligraphers!

Sip & Script® offers Squad members an outlet to teach what they’re most passionate about and earn money while doing it!

If you’d like to learn more about the #scriptsquad, say hello at [email protected]


Jess has owned and operated Canvas & Kale since December of 2014, serving clients with hand calligraphy and lettering work for weddings, showers, events & more. Jess’ love for lettering was apparent early on. She would sneak into her mom’s home office and use an original feathered calligraphy pen that was used for her parent’s wedding. She has always had a love for art, and a love for creating pretty things.

Jess grew up in a small, quintessential New England town in Connecticut, with her parents and sister, and has always been considered the “artsy one” in the family. She studied Elementary Education, at Southern Connecticut State University, and after graduating, she moved to Boston, MA to pursue her Masters in Education at Boston University. Although teaching was what Jess always pictured her “grown up” job to be, she took a leap of faith on her true passion, calligraphy, and opened Canvas & Kale.

Most days, you’ll find Jess in her home studio, drinking kombucha, and watching reruns of One Tree Hill as she completes orders. She loves yoga, coffee shops and exploring with her Fiancé and fur-baby, Berkeley Kale. Catch up with her on Instagram @canvasandkale, her Etsy shop, or through her website

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Farm-raised creative, routine organizer, amateur decorator, Harry Potter fan, dog mom, rock climber & travel enthusiast.

Molly grew up with a pen in her hand, dirt on her feet, and a passion for creativity. Her mother introduced her to the art of calligraphy at a young age, a hobby she had dabbled in years before. Molly remembers practicing relentlessly at their drafting table eagerly trying to perfect every letterform. Little did she know that would mark the very beginning of her creative career.

Since graduating with a BFA in graphic design in 2013, Molly’s agency and wedding industry experience has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to provide uniquely tailored work to her clients. Molly Grace Makes was founded in 2017 on the idea that creativity and design is not a linear path. Molly explores her passion for making and bringing her clients’ stories to life using calligraphy as the foundation.

When Molly’s hand aren’t covered in ink, they’re covered in chalk at the climbing gym or dirt in the garden. Follow Molly’s creative journey on Instagram @mollygracemakes, or learn from her at one of our upcoming Sip & Script® events!

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Alyssa’s love of art and creativity stems from her late uncle, who was a pointillist painter. He gave her her first art set at age five, and instead of creating beautiful landscapes and portraits like her uncle, she found herself writing the names of family and friends in various fonts and styles. Throughout her school years, she was always touted as “the lefty with the neat handwriting.”

Calligraphy did not become a part of Alyssa’s life until 2016, when she received her first hand-calligraphed wedding invitation. She immediately connected with the artist to learn how to get started with calligraphy herself. Alyssa taught herself basic calligraphy through Instagram videos and tutorials, and even took a Sip & Script class early on! Alyssa now serves clients with calligraphy and lettering work through Alyssa Drury Calligraphy for various events and special occasions.

Since graduating from Northeastern University in 2014, Alyssa has worked full-time as a Marketing Manager for Seismic. When she’s not at her day job, you can find her working on calligraphy projects in Boston’s North End while watching the Bruins or Patriots (or anything on The Food Network if her teams aren’t playing). She loves the beach, and her favorite place to do anything calligraphy-related is on her parents’ roof deck overlooking the water in Rhode Island.

Follow along with Alyssa on Instagram @adrurycalligraphy, or join her for an upcoming Sip & Script event!

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Allison has always been passionate about using her creative energy! She
fondly remembers hand making greeting cards as a kid, and walking around
the neighborhood selling them for holidays. A few years after graduating
from business school, she decided to teach herself graphic design with the
idea that she would love to work for herself. She quickly began designing
event invitations for friends and family, and it wasn’t long before she
added calligraphy to her repertoire.  Since there weren’t any online or
local classes yet, Allison took to the library for traditional calligraphy
instruction books. After practicing the alphabet what felt like a million
times, she had developed her own style.  Allison Kathleen Calligraphy &
Design officially opened it’s electronic doors in March of 2011, the day
before Allison’s 25th Birthday! Now almost 7 years later, Allison still
loves taking on a variety of creative projects!

Allison works from her home office in Plymouth, MA. Though no two days are
ever the same, her favorite work day includes a sunshine filled office,
tea, podcasts and colorful creative fun! When she’s not working in her
office, she’s most likely working outside in her gardens. She grows lots
of flowers (including dahlias!) each year for her own arrangements around
the house, and small events at the local Country Store. She is launching a
collection of flower photography prints under her newest business venture,
Lavender Ali.

Follow along with all of Allison’s projects on Instagram at @allisonkthln
and @lavenderali_shop, or learn from her at one of our upcoming Sip &
Script® events!

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