Don’t Sleep On This Year’s Biggest Calligraphy Trend: Engraving

Don’t Sleep On This Year’s Biggest Calligraphy Trend: Engraving

If you follow any calligraphy hashtags on instagram you most definitely have seen the latest calligraphy trend: engraving! We had serious FOMO and had to get our hands on an engraver machine to try it out. 

A handful of the ladies on our instructor team offer this service to their clients and to be honest we were SO intimidated to try it out. Cutting into glass while writing in cursive with a machine is not something we’d normally do everyday! 

calligraphy engraving class near me

Stephanie offered to teach us so we could trial engraving as a new virtual class offering for our specialty line of courses. Julie and I both had never ever touched an engraving pen before but once we got the hang of the machine and settings we were instantly obsessed with how much fun it was. Bonus was that we planned this for a Monday morning so it was the best way to kick off our week and may now request more fun meetings to kick off each week!

We can officially say we are now hooked and nothing in our homes is safe from being carved into. The materials are a bit of an investment (around $75.00 to get you started) but can already see ourselves engraving SO much for personal use so that it is worth the initial cost!

calligraphy engraved wine bottle

We’re breaking down 6 reasons why you might want to add this skill to your wheelhouse too:

1.) HOW FUN would it be to gift your friends and fam custom bubbly bottles for special occasions?! Engagements, weddings, new house, new job…the list goes on! For Christmas I hand lettered some wine bottles that were cute but this is just NEXT level! 

calligraphy engraved wine bottle

2.) Tablescapes! Imagine the next time you host a dinner party and getting to put your “house wine” out on the table with a pretty quote or design on it?!

3.) Signage! You could definitely etch into acrylic pieces for wedding and events with this tool too. Again, lettering is always going to be our OG but spicing things up with engraving is too much fun. 

4.) If you don’t drink alcohol, pick up some glass jars to personalize for your next party for any kind of beverage! They could also act as place cards for parties too! Julie grabbed a glass jar she had on hand for this practice session. 

5.) Girls weekends! Personalize everyone’s wine tumbler or water bottle so you don’t get them mixed up. 

6.) Offering engraving as a calligrapher is just another potential source of income you can add to your list of services. Many brands look for calligraphers to do on site engraving for gifts and events. 

It’s no secret around here that we always preach importance in the little details and engraving is just one more skill to be able to spread joy with lettering to those around you! 

Do we have you convinced to try it out yet?! Let us know if you do!!

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