6 Thanksgiving Place Card Options: Our Amazon Round Up

6 Thanksgiving Place Card Options: Our Amazon Round Up

Holidays or not, we always tell our students in class that place cards are the least intimidating calligraphy project to take on after class. We have so many brides come to class so they can do calligraphy for their weddings and our number one piece of advice is to start with place cards!! Envelopes can be daunting because there’s more writing and more room for ink spills. Place cards have our heart for both the ease and wow factor!

When it comes to family or holiday gatherings, place cards really are the unsung heroes. Guests love seeing their name in pretty handwritten letters, they make your table look so elevated and chic, and you can strategically place people on opposites sides of the table if there’s a chance things could get dicey. 

Our instructor team is always creating such unique and fun place cards idea for every class so look to the pros for serious inspo:

Do we have you convinced to make some yet!? We rounded up the best of Amazon place card ideas that arrive in plenty of time to get working on your Thanksgiving tables! And should note even if you’re not hosting this year you can offer to bring them! My mother in law always tasks me with this because aside from a cheese board there’s VERY little I can be trusted with in the kitchen. 

Our Amazon place card round up:

  • 1 – Blank Bookmarks: these are perfect for adding wax seals or some watercolor in your color theme because of the additional room! Also comes with ribbon hole to add some texture that way.
  • 2 – Thankful For You: a sweet touch that will make your guests feel the love!
  • 3 – Greenery: a simple yet chic card if you’re not into traditional themes and lean more towards neutral displays. Could also use for Christmas of course!
  • 4 – Pumpkin: traditional classic theme for Thanksgiving!
  • 5 – Turkey: can’t get more on brand Thanksgiving than this one! Mix a pretty color ink or marker for a fun pop!
  • 6 – Placemats: technically not a place card but could fit big bold names in the corner or across the top! Would be so fun for a kids table too.

Be sure to tag us on instagram if you make any cards for your table we want to see!!

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