Event Partners

One of the reasons we started Sip & Script® was to connect with other local small businesses. We love featuring products and services from other vendors at our classes, and co-hosting events at awesome venues is even more fun!

Want to partner? Learn how below!

Some of our fabulous partners include

Partnering with Sip & Script®

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful and loyal following of passionate calligraphers and letter enthusiasts; as a result, our events typically do sell out. If you’re a restaurant, shop, retail store, brewery or venue of another kind, co-hosting a Sip & Script event may be the perfect way to utilize space on a weeknight.

A few of the benefits of partnering with Sip & Script

  • Free exposure for your business and products/services
  • Well designed event aesthetic (perfect for photography and social media )
  • Productive use of space during weeknights
  • Extra business through drink, meal, product sales during, before, and after class

What you can expect from partnering with Sip & Script

  • Very organized event process.
  • Online ticket sales and registration management.
  • Upbeat, lively crowd and enthusiastic social media posting.
  • Fun atmosphere with well-considered event aesthetic and design.
  • A full venue, no matter the size.

If you’re interested in co-hosting a Sip & Script event, please fill in the form below and let us know what you have in mind!

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