Sip & Script Launch: PHILLY!

Sip & Script Launch: PHILLY!

We packed up our calligraphy supplies, piled into the Sip & Script van and road-tripped from Boston to Philly. We spent the car ride listening to Kacey Musgraves holiday album, eating ALLLL the snacks, and making a few V important stops (Taco Bell & stretch breaks!) along the way. Shout out to @thecalligraphyhusband, Gus, for shoveling out the driveway so we could actually get on the road after a New England snow storm!  

Our team stayed in a HUGE Air B & B, and had an ultimate girls night sleepover! We ordered pizza, had a dance party to Schitt’s Creek songs, and it was Simply the Best. *Schitt’s Creek pun intended!* This was a big weekend for us because we were also celebrating Sip & Script turning FOUR! So naturally, a lot of bubbly was poured!

Our launch was at Jerry’s Bar in Philly and we had the BEST crew join us. We spent the night connecting over drinks and apps, learning calligraphy (obv!) and snapping photos. 

Follow along with our Philly Instructors, Katie & Marbetty! And check out our class schedule HERE

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