Sip & Script Greenville, SC Calligraphy CLass Launch Party

Sip & Script Greenville, SC Calligraphy CLass Launch Party

Our first Southern Sip and Script launch was held in Greenville, SC! Our amazing PR manager at My PR Lab set us up with a beautiful event space at Oak and Honey hotel. If you have never visited an Oak and Honey hotel, we highly recommend it. They really know how to sting you with an experience you won’t forget!

We wanted to go big with this event, so we had a Sip and Script step and repeat custom made. What a hit! It only took three of us to get the massive banner up! But oh, so worth it. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are slightly obsessed with balloon banners. YES, we hand pump air into each balloon the night before. What a task!

Not only did My PR Lab set us up with a bomb venue, they saved us a spot on the morning news! So the morning before the event, we loaded up our best calligraphy supplies and headed to 7 on Main downtown Greenville. Everything was going smooth till our Greenville instructor spelled the anchors name wrong on live TV! Haha! We are only human, right?!

The event kicked off without a hitch! We had bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and family all there to enjoy some modern calligraphy and cocktails. All the hard work and traveling was well worth it! We ended the night with a traditional Sip and Script champagne toast! 

Follow along with our South Carolina Instructors, Steph & Kayla! And check out our class schedule HERE

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