Our Calligraphy TV Segment on NBC!

sip & script boston

Our Calligraphy TV Segment on NBC!

We were on TV! So excited to share our TV debut on NBC 10 Boston a few weeks ago with The Hub Today! We spent a day in April at Citrus & Salt in the Back Bay filming with NBC’s Anna Rossi and we had the absolute best time. Despite our shameless plugs and v extra celebrating everyone around us had to put up with, we actually lived in fear during the 2 week turnaround time at the thought of us appearing extremelyyyy awkward on camera. Turns out we did alright (margaritas help with both calligraphy and TV interviews), and major thanks to our girl Jo Louise Beauty for making us feel so glam that day! Check out our behind the scenes photos from this fun and memorable day and watch the feature herecitrus & salt back bay boston sip & script NBC 10

Julie Mancini and Anna Rossi shooting Sip & Script for NBC 10 Boston

Meghan Chaloner and Anna Rossi shooting for NBC 10 Boston at Citrus & Salt Jo Louise Beauty make up Nashua NH

sip & script class with anna rossi for NBC The Hub Today

sip & script citrus & salt bostoncitrus & salt boston sip & script

citrus & salt boston with boston pollen florals


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