Sip & Scare Halloween

halloween cider bar halloween decor rustic bar

Sip & Scare Halloween

rustic halloween apple cider bar

Happy Halloween, Script Squad! Meg here, and thought I would jump on to share my holiday spread in case anyone else is preparing for a Halloween happy hour Tuesday!

halloween cider bar halloween decor rustic bar

For those of you who have known me since my Bliss Lettering days, you have probably heard me talk about how I discovered my love of lettering shortly after the purchase of our first home in 2014.  I immediately discovered my love of hosting and how much adding details like little lettered touches throughout elevated even the most casual of get-togethers. While I still can’t cook to save my life (leave that up to my Mom, in-laws, and hubby), my stash of place cards, menu signs and cocktail napkins has grown to be quite impressive for every holiday I now insist on hosting.

halloween decor lifestyle blogger

This Halloween is no different, although bittersweet because we sold our house this Fall and will be moving out at the end of November so it’s our last official holiday in this house. For the past 4 years we have hosted a neighborhood Trick or Treat “pregame” where our family, friends and neighbors come over for pizza before taking the kiddos out trick or treating. I usually make an apple cider sangria as well as hot apple cider (with caramel vodka!) in the crock pot and send the adults out with to-go cups to keep warm while the kids are on the candy hunt. I love that everyone has come to look forward to this tradition and I plan to carry it with us to our next home too!
rustic bar decor halloween reclaimed wood happy hour
hanging indoor rustic ladder with lights and mason jars

This sunroom-turned-bar room will be one of our most missed rooms of this house! The bar my husband and family friend built for our wedding fit perfectly in here so hoping we get as lucky in our next home too. The ladder pictured I change out seasonally, and also is recycled from our wedding where it hung over our head table. It’s conveniently located right next to our front door so it’s the perfect spot to pass out candy right next to where everyone always gathers!

Looking forward to sipping cider sangria in here tomorrow for our last house holiday, and wishing everyone else a fun and happy Halloween too! Cheers!halloween candy decor bowl


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