Sip & Script takes on NSS 2017!

Sip & Script takes on NSS 2017!

We are always up for a road trip, so when we were excited to mark the weekend of May 20th down on our calendars for a chance to head down to NYC and go to the National Stationery Show! Both being calligraphers, paper is such a big passion and important part of our jobs. We jumped on the Acela and made our way to the Big Apple, and made sure we went a day early to get the full NYC experience. The weather was beautiful, we got our 10K steps in on the fit bits and got to visit fun friends who live in the city. Sunday morning, we jumped on the Subway and headed on over to the Javits Center. *Side note: being a Bostonian, I don’t think I’ll ever not call it the T, as well as refer to Central Park as The Common!!! But I’m working on it *

The wheels are spinning with fun plans for Sip & Script, and retail is a big part of it. We will rollout a fun new shop soon so people who don’t live in New England can soon get to experience a Sip & Script! It was important to attend and meet the awesome creatives making beautiful stuff. We met some great new friends and got to to say hi to awesome people we luckily already know who had their own booths this year (Angela Liguori with Studio Carta, Albertine Press, Parrott Design Studio and Lovepop)

A bonus was discovering  The Frying Pan, which we learned is a boat turned restaurant right by the Javits! Perfect way to toast to a lovely trip.

Thank you NSS and all the wonderful vendors who helped fuel our passion for creating! More soon.

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