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Nashville, TN

Joined January 2020

I was born and raised in Flora, Mississippi and love the outdoors. I graduated college in 2013 from Mississippi State University I set my sights on Nashville, Tennessee. Right out of college, I spent the first few years learning customer service at Nordstrom, experience that served me well when I transitioned into banking. Since 2015, I have been working as a Private Banker, a career which combines (almost) all of my favorite things - making a personal impact on the lives of others and providing a meaningful service in my community. While banking is many things, creative it is not. It is limited by rules and regulations. For years, calligraphy has been my retreat, a place where I can escape from the hard-lines of banking. In early 2019, I turned my love for calligraphy into a side hustle. In the short time since then, I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with all the interesting projects which have come my way, from custom watercolor prints, to wedding envelopes and day-of wedding signage, and all variations of custom work. Lettering has opened so many doors for me, and with each new project, the potential grows. While I have enjoyed lettering all of my life, everything changed when I took an intro calligraphy class. It was that class that gave me the confidence to turn my hobby into a hustle, and that’s what led me here now. I’m very proud to teach for Sip & Script and hope to see you in my class soon! Feel free to checkout more of my work on Instagram at @hcmlettering.

Intro to Modern Calligraphy at Diskin Cider

Diskin Cider 1235 Martin Street, Nashville

Join Sip & Script® for a Night of Learning Calligraphy! Join us at Diskin Cider in Nashville, TN for a night of cocktails and pretty lettering! Whether you’re a stationery nerd, DIY Bride-to-be, or just a crafty individual, in this workshop you’ll be learning an introduction...

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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