So you’ve taken a few classes (bonus points if it’s one of ours!), practiced your drills and are feeling ready to take on your first client…now what?

We’re sharing are our TOP 5 things to know before you book your first client!

1. Do your research and plan.

Okay, so you haven’t booked your first real client yet, but let’s pretend that you did for just a second. What would be your next move?

Before you even begin to take clients on and fill up your schedule, think about the logistics of it. What are you charging? What is the timeline, and how long will it take you to complete it?  Do you need a contract? Does sales tax apply? Shipping and postage?

You may not have all of the answers, and that’s okay, but do your research and plan as best as possible! 

2. Get social and start marketing yourself!

If it’s not on the ‘gram did it ever really happen?? But seriously, if you haven’t started showing off your work, go take photos and put it out there! You don’t need fancy equipment, just grab your phone and snap away, HELLO PORTRAIT MODE! Spread the news that you’re taking on clients! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter….whatever social media you have, start marketing on it!

The easiest thing to do is sit back and play the comparison game with the thousands of other’s using #calligraphy, but don’t let that stop you from sharing! We all start somewhere, and whether you’ve been lettering on the sidelines for a while, or just picked up the pen yesterday, you can learn so much from the community around you. Learning to grow with the community versus seeing it as competition will keep you motivated and hella inspired!

3. Show off what you can do!

Think about your DREAM client…we’ll wait.

What does your dream client want? What can you do that is different from the other calligrapher’s out there? SHOW UP FOR THEM!

 Create a portfolio! Show off what you want to offer and what people can expect from you. If you want to focus on weddings, start creating examples of wedding suites and envelope addressing. More interested in home decor? Always stay a season ahead so your products are ready at the right time!

4. Know your worth.

Know that your time and talent are worth something whether this is your first client or your thousandth, and never undersell your work for the sake of keeping a sale. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s okay to politely decline from working together. Keeping your work priced fairly and truly knowing the value of your time will help you attract your ideal client. 

5. Stay motivated!

Just like learning calligraphy, building up your client-list takes TIME! Be active in the calligraphy community, keep marketing yourself, and stay focused! If you’ve taken one of our classes before, you’ll know our mantra at Sip & Script is “Don’t stop till you’re proud” – and we really mean it! We love support from our moms, neighbors and besties, but it feels DAMN GOOD to book your first real client! Keep hustling and you’ll get there!! 

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We took a trip to Brookline, Massachusetts to the studio of Angela Liguori, Studio Carta. We spent our Saturday there holding a dual-session modern calligraphy workshop alongside of Angela and her husband, Mohamed.

Studio Carta may just be the dreamiest space we’ve ever seen…I mean, the front door is BLUSH PINK….Do we even need to say more?The bright, sunlit studio had walls full of colorful Italian Cotton ribbon, desk accessories that made you REALLY start to question those good #targetfinds, and an Espresso bar that kept our creative buzz going! Mohamed, Angela’s husband, had us sipping on his signature Caramel Macchiatos all day!

We love having cozy weekend classes, especially when we get to have two back to back at a place like this! We had people who were there who were brand new to calligraphy, others who wanted to advance their practice, and a few couples on sweet Saturday morning dates. We lettered, we sipped on warm espresso, ate specialty chocolate and got to know one another!

We are always so grateful for our collaborations with Angela and Studio Carta, and we can’t wait to go back soon! With the holiday’s coming up we already know we will be making an appointment so we can purchase all of our gift wrapping goodies!

For more events like this, head on over to our events page to see where we are headed next. To book your own Sip & Script, or to suggest a venue near you, fill out the form here!

*Studio Carta is open by Appointment Only!
Located at 97 Boylston St in Brookline, Massachusetts, 02445.
For more on Studio Carta, check out their website, and keep up with them on instagram

We know, we know, it’s only the first week of November…but to be honest, we’ve been waiting ALL year for the holiday season to start. And while Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, if you’re hosting this year it’s never too early to get some MAJOR tablescape inspo and start planning for your own!

Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly, or you’re determined to create a table Joanna Gaines would approve of , there are so many different ways to decorate and make your table feel festive! We asked our squad to show how they’re decorating this year and we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to re-create these for yourself!

“Incorporating calligraphy is a given for any occasion that calls for me to set the table (duh!) but I usually try to get inspired first by finding/creating an item that will set the tone for the whole tablescape, in terms of colors or theme. In this case it was the blanket (found at Home Goods!) that I turned into a table runner. I’m loving all the mauve-y tones popping up everywhere lately and just ran with it! The feathers were cut from a strand sourced from Michael’s and I used a hot wax stamp to seal them to the tag. For the floral centerpiece I added sea grass  (that I literally made my husband pull over and cut on the side of the road) to help balance the pinks.”
-Meg Chaloner, Sip & Script Co-Founder


“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! I’m definitely a bargain/DIY decorator whenever I can be, so I always try to work in a few things I have on hand and then spice up with some smaller purchases. For this tablescape, I used my every day white plates, neutral chargers, and linen napkins as a starting point. I purchased a few yards of fall-inspired plaid fabric, as well as some white cheese cloth to use as a runner. Candles and candle holders were purchased at Michaels for under $20 (coupons FTW!) and gold flatware was purchased at Target. I crafted a simple bouquet with fall flower finds from the local market to add a little life to the table. The final touch were the gourds ($0.69/each at the local market!) used as place cards and calligraphed note cards for each setting. I love the idea of remembering what this day is for, so a little interactive activity for guests is always a fun conversation starter and moment to reflect!”
-Molly Petroski, @mollygracemakes

Our general guidelines for styling any holiday tablescape:

1. Figure out the color palette and overall theme, and stick to it! When in doubt go for neutrals – you can always add in a pop of color with florals and linens!
2. Fresh flowers can brighten a whole room! Shop for what’s in-season!
3. Search for pieces you already own, or check out your local antique store. Sometimes the best details are hand-me-downs and thrift shop finds!
4. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few metallic pieces!
5. ALWAYS add in a touch of something handwritten! Even if you’re picking up the pen for the first time!


Let us know if you try to recreate any of these looks, we’d love to see! Here’s to the start of the holiday season, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming classes to celebrate! Head on over to our website and see where we’re headed next!
As always, happy lettering, friends!

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