Whether you’re a calligraphy newbie, a soon-to-be Mrs./Mr., or just a crafty DIY-er, here are ten tips to make the place card process a bit smoother!

1. Create a design and choose a color palette first and foremost

Get creative – when thinking of place cards, you have SO many options! Beachy/nautical vibe wedding? Oyster shells and Capiz shells are the perfect touch for a sea-inspired day! Soft & Romantic vibe? Deckled-edge, handmade paper is our fave! Fall/New England vibe? Gourds are super fun! We’ve done a ton of different styles in our own wedding work, take a look below for some inspiration!

Work by Molly Petroski, photo by Meredith Jane Photography

Work by Molly Petroski, Photo by Bailey Q Photo

Work by Julie Mancini, photo by Savanah Loftus Photography

Work by Alyssa Drury, photo by Blueflash

Work by Alyssa Drury, photo by Blueflash

Work by Julie Mancini, Photo by Mon Petit Studio

Work by Meg Chaloner

Work by Meg Chaloner

Work by Julie Mancini, photo by Sara Freedman

2. Figure out all of the materials that you may need

Prep it all before starting the project. *Many calligraphers typically require 20% more paper/place card material than the required amount because mistakes happen. Make sure you buy enough of whatever product you are using and have some extra on hand for any errors/redo’s.

3. Can’t find a color that matches the palette you’re working with?

Make your own! We love making custom colors with gouache or Jacquard’s Pearl Ex pigmented powder. One major tip for creating custom colors? Make sure you either write down the exact measurements/ratios of the medium you are using, or MIX MORE THAN NEEDED! There’s nothing worse than getting halfway done with a project, only to realize you ran out of ink/paint and have to mix it again. Make sure you have enough so your colors are uniform throughout the entire project.

Fun fact: we have a blog post on how to mix the Jacquard’s Pear Ex powder. Click here to read it!

how to use pearl ex powder pigments for calligraphy ink

Pearl Ex pigment powder for calligraphy

4. Before you even uncap your ink and start writing, try to organize your materials as an assembly line

This way you can repeat the steps in the correct order for each place card. This will save so much time, especially for larger orders!

5. PLAN!

Figure out how many individual pieces you have to do (i.e. how many place cards will you need in total?), and break up it up, giving yourself a schedule and REALISTIC timeline. If you’ve taken a class with us, you’ll know we tell you calligraphy is a SLOW process, and you don’t want to have to cram when the due date creeps up on you!

6. Figure out where you will dry each piece as you move onto the next

Make sure it’s free from pets, kids, and wind!

7. Once you’ve finished writing

Run through the guest list and make sure all guests are accounted for.

8. Spell-check!

9. Before handing the completed work off to the bride or to the venue

Make sure to organize the place cards by table/seating chart and keep it protected from transporting and weather.

10. Relax! Put on your favorite music, grab a glass of rosé, and enjoy the process!

Comment below if you’re feeling ready to take on a place card order! If you’re not there yet, head on over to our events page and sign up for a class with us! Happy lettering!



It’s been a busy summer over here and we’ve been LOVING our calligraphy classes al fresco, but as we’re saying bye to rosé & beach views, we’re SO ready for all the fall things! Since expanding our squad this summer, we’ve been able to hold more classes than ever and it’s been so fun seeing so many new, as well as familiar, faces! 

Looking to the fall, (sorry, but it is almost September…) we can’t wait to share with you all that we have coming! One of these things being the relaunch of our blog, Basic Strokes! Jess (@canvasandkale) will be taking it over to bring you all things Sip & Script, calligrapher highlights and Script Squad features, calligraphy tips, holiday inspo how-to’s, and so much more!

With so many changes around here, we wanted to celebrate a little by doing a giveaway! Make sure you’re following along on insta @sipandscript to enter and have a chance at winning a free ticket to class! For all other S&S updates, and to be the first to know when new classes are added, sign up for our newsletter!


From the infamous words of our girl, Beyonce, who runs the world?? ….girls. And we’re PROUD of it, which is why teaming up with our friends over at Jet Set Co. was a total no-brainer! We had a night full of bad ass women, calligraphy, wine and conversations on self-care, and we’re still feeling so inspired by it!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Jet Set Co., they’re located at 468 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston, and their space is what literal dreams are made of! From the tropical palm wallpaper, to the blush pink fireplace, natural and non-toxic apothecary, and did we mention they’re adding a FACE MASK bar?! Sign us up, please!

We spent the night teaching our Intro to Modern Calligraphy class to a group of women, some were mother-daughter duos, some were friends, and others came on their own, but we all left feeling a little more connected and empowered, and, not to mention, with fresh new calligraphy skills!

For more events like these, sign up for our newsletter and see where we’re headed next! Have a place you’d like us to host a class at? Let us know in the comments! 

To find out more about Jet Set Co., head on over to their website, www.jetsetco.com, or their instagram @jetset_co