So you’ve taken a few classes (bonus points if it’s one of ours!), practiced your drills and are feeling ready to take on your first client…now what?

We’re sharing are our TOP 5 things to know before you book your first client!

1. Do your research and plan.

Okay, so you haven’t booked your first real client yet, but let’s pretend that you did for just a second. What would be your next move?

Before you even begin to take clients on and fill up your schedule, think about the logistics of it. What are you charging? What is the timeline, and how long will it take you to complete it?  Do you need a contract? Does sales tax apply? Shipping and postage?

You may not have all of the answers, and that’s okay, but do your research and plan as best as possible! 

2. Get social and start marketing yourself!

If it’s not on the ‘gram did it ever really happen?? But seriously, if you haven’t started showing off your work, go take photos and put it out there! You don’t need fancy equipment, just grab your phone and snap away, HELLO PORTRAIT MODE! Spread the news that you’re taking on clients! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter….whatever social media you have, start marketing on it!

The easiest thing to do is sit back and play the comparison game with the thousands of other’s using #calligraphy, but don’t let that stop you from sharing! We all start somewhere, and whether you’ve been lettering on the sidelines for a while, or just picked up the pen yesterday, you can learn so much from the community around you. Learning to grow with the community versus seeing it as competition will keep you motivated and hella inspired!

3. Show off what you can do!

Think about your DREAM client…we’ll wait.

What does your dream client want? What can you do that is different from the other calligrapher’s out there? SHOW UP FOR THEM!

 Create a portfolio! Show off what you want to offer and what people can expect from you. If you want to focus on weddings, start creating examples of wedding suites and envelope addressing. More interested in home decor? Always stay a season ahead so your products are ready at the right time!

4. Know your worth.

Know that your time and talent are worth something whether this is your first client or your thousandth, and never undersell your work for the sake of keeping a sale. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s okay to politely decline from working together. Keeping your work priced fairly and truly knowing the value of your time will help you attract your ideal client. 

5. Stay motivated!

Just like learning calligraphy, building up your client-list takes TIME! Be active in the calligraphy community, keep marketing yourself, and stay focused! If you’ve taken one of our classes before, you’ll know our mantra at Sip & Script is “Don’t stop till you’re proud” – and we really mean it! We love support from our moms, neighbors and besties, but it feels DAMN GOOD to book your first real client! Keep hustling and you’ll get there!! 

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