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Orange County, CA

Joined January 2020

Rosie has always been fascinated by letters and how they can communicate a story or feeling that adds to the words. At any given point, you would find her lettering while "paying attention in class" or "studying", and when she wasn't practicing, she was buying pens and paints she definitely didn't need. After grad school, Rosie created Wander Crafter with her little sister, Jackie. Together, they create beautifully hand lettered, laser cut items that are the perfect adornment for life's greatest moments. Rosie loves sharing her passion for calligraphy, so you'll likely find her lettering or engraving at a live event or brand activation. When she is not lettering, she is most likely to be found at a yoga studio, backpacking in a national park, or traveling the world! Most often, you will find her at home playing board games, crafting, and watching Netflix with her sister and 3 year old niece, Mira.

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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