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Atlanta, GA

Joined January 2020

Despite loving stationery and all things school supplies (as early as kindergarten), Olivia (Liv) never imagined that becoming a calligrapher was on the horizon! Liv started learning calligraphy in 2016, and like many beginners, started with "fauxlligraphy" before branching out to using brush pens, paint brushes, and really anything she could get her hands on. Learning modern calligraphy styles started as a calming hobby, and it eventually morphed into a sweet little side gig, starting OS Calligraphy in 2018. Since then, Liv has had amazing opportunities to work on anything from wedding invitations and envelope addressing for couples, to creating logos and branding for small business owners. While modern calligraphy is one her passions, Liv works as a Psychology Researcher, in addition to attending Emory Rollins School of Public Health as a grad student. Needless to say, her love for stationery logically turned into a love of calendars and planners so she can stay on top of everything. When she's not working on homework or calligraphy commissions, Liv loves cuddling with her beautiful 80lb mutt-mess-of-a-dog Jasper, cooking with her boyfriend, walking around The Beltline, making pretty things with her Cricut, and trying all the food she can find on Buford Highway. She hopes to see you at a Sip & Script class soon, but until then, feel free to catch up with her on Instagram at @oscalligraphy!

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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