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Boston, MA

Joined June 2018

Alyssa's love of art and creativity stems from her late uncle, who was a pointillist painter. He gave her her first art set at age five, and instead of creating beautiful landscapes and portraits like her uncle, she found herself writing the names of family and friends in various fonts and styles. Throughout her school years, she was always touted as "the lefty with the neat handwriting." Calligraphy did not become a part of Alyssa's life until 2016, when she received her first hand-calligraphed wedding invitation. She immediately connected with the artist to learn how to get started with calligraphy herself. Alyssa taught herself basic calligraphy through Instagram videos and tutorials, and even took a Sip & Script class early on! Alyssa now serves clients with calligraphy and lettering work through Alyssa Drury Calligraphy for various events and special occasions. Since graduating from Northeastern University in 2014, Alyssa has worked full-time as a Marketing Manager for Seismic. When she's not at her day job, you can find her working on calligraphy projects in Boston's North End while watching the Bruins or Patriots (or anything on The Food Network if her teams aren't playing). She loves the beach, and her favorite place to do anything calligraphy-related is on her parents' roof deck overlooking the water in Rhode Island. Follow along with Alyssa on Instagram @adrurycalligraphy, or join her for an upcoming Sip & Script event!

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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