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Boston, MA

Joined October 2020

My calligraphy journey started in May 2018 when I was gifted a ticket to a Sip and Script class - and I was immediately hooked! By June of that year, I had started my Instagram page, now called @hemlockridgedesigns, to document my projects and share with interested family and friends. Two years and many projects later, I launched Hemlock Ridge Designs and joined Sip and Script as an instructor. I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my boyfriend and my many plant babies, but you’ll commonly find me in Maine or Cape Cod spending time with family. While I majored in Math and Finance in college, I’ve always loved stretching into my creative side as well. I’m constantly inspired by nature and fascinated by all types of design, and I love learning new things, so it’s never too long before I’m trying a new craft, project or medium (and I love it that way). When I’m not working on creative projects or spending time at my day job, I enjoy playing sports, watching documentaries, and experimenting with recipes in my very small kitchen.

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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