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Middlebury, CT

Joined April 2019

Tara has owned and operated TS Calligraphy since 2018, where she creates signage, hand calligraphy and modern lettering for weddings, special events, gifts and celebrations. In a world of cut, copy and paste, Tara believes that the art of calligraphy is a distinctive way to stand out. Tara is self-taught and found her creative outlet with calligraphy and modern lettering while planning her wedding and hasn’t been able to stop since! Tara grew up in Connecticut and has a home studio there. Tara pursued her MS in Molecular Biology and currently works in a research lab and teaches biology part-time for a local university. Her love for detail that comes with her scientific career pairs well with the detail she takes pride in with her calligraphy work. In her free time, she loves to travel and explore as much as she can. She lived in Germany for some time in 2017 and is constantly planning a new adventure. She has three cats, all of which are rescued. She loves animals and helps to rescue whenever she can. Tara is obsessed with caramel macchiatos, Jess Glynne Pandora Station and plants. Her and her husband and currently making their new house feel like a home and are enjoying every second of it. You can check out her latest work at @tscalligraphy on Instagram, TS Calligraphy on Facebook or www.tscalligraphy.com

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