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Los Angeles, CA

Joined February 2020

Breanna is a native of Los Angeles, a wedding planner, self-taught hand-letterer, modern calligrapher, wine and cheese enthusiast, and is now about to begin her journey with the Script Squad. Breanna discovered her creative expression through hand-lettering on a whim of curiosity and impromptu moments. Reflecting on her childhood memories, Breanna found herself collecting colorful stationary, stickers, writing materials and any crafty goods to work with. In fact, she was the designated person to make birthday cards or poster signs for her peers. When passing by billboards and storefronts, Breanna would always trace letters in her head and would imitate it on paper. It was only natural that she went ahead to the nearest craft store and got herself a beginner’s calligraphy kit. After several trials with this kit, she moved on to experimenting with brush lettering, embossing and eventually taught herself to use an oblique nib. Her “Big Break” came when she was on-site as a Day-of-Coordinator for one of her weddings. Her clients had provided a large, blank chalk canvas that was screaming to be written on. Breanna took the liberty of creating a quick Welcome Sign shortly before the guests arrived and unexpectedly gained some compliments. From that time, Breanna began to receive requests for various wedding signage projects, escort cards, envelope addressing and other special, personalized gifts through word-of-mouth marketing which eventually led to the birth of Bed of Letters. She is humbled, and looking forward to sipping together and spreading her love of hand-lettering with you!

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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