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Boston, MA

Joined March 2019

Ashley has always been passionate about handwriting and lettering, and has found joy in creating. In 2015, she took her passion for lettering, art, and design and launched Ashley Devin Designs. With a background in graphic design, Ashley uses her typography and artistic skills to create visually appealing work for her clients. After starting her graphic design business Ashley rekindled her love for handlettering and taught herself the art of calligraphy. Ashley offers calligraphy services for weddings and events as well as invitations, chalkboards and signage. In her free time she loves spending time outdoors with her growing family and two dogs. Ashley has salt water in her blood and in the summer you can often find her somewhere near the water. She enjoys hiking and climbing in the mountains of New Hampshire and Maine, as well as traveling the world. You can check out some of her latest work at @ashleydevindesigns or

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