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Kansas City, MO

Joined February 2020

Hello! I'm Andrah - the creative behind Ellipsis Design Co. My calligraphy story starts in my grandma's kitchen, looking through her many index cards of hand written recipes. I loved the penmanship of the cursive, the smudges on the card, and the love and care that went into creating them. Fast forward to my wedding where I designed our wedding stationery and created all the day of paper goods. I enjoyed that process so much that I created my stationery and calligraphy business, Ellipsis Design Co. My love of cursive was born in that kitchen and now I seek to inspire and share it with others. I would love to include you in the next chapter of my story, teaching calligraphy with Sip and Script! Cheers, Andrah de Alwis

If you have any questions or need help signing up for a class please email us at [email protected].

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