We recently had the lovely opportunity to spend some time at Studio Carta. Studio Carta is a gorgeous studio in Brookline founded by Angela Liguori, a talented artist and designer who imports the most beautiful, cotton Italian ribbon. Being calligraphers, we adore this vibrantly-colored ribbon and have used it with so many of our projects, especially for packaging.

The event was in honor of Mother’s Day, and we wrote custom messages to accompany her handmade cards decorated with vintage stamps. There were beautiful flowers by True Vine Studio, desserts and treats from Tatte Bakery, and of course, the magical atmosphere of Studio Carta’s ribbon and more. It was fun meeting friends of Angela as well as local neighbors who were excited to pop in and check out the studio.

Studio Carta is located at:

97 Boylston Street
Brookline, Massachusetts

To visit, you can schedule an appointment by emailing: [email protected] or calling 617-730-3788

Also highly suggest you sign up for their newsletter!

We are so excited to announce we are hiring an Intern! We are looking for a fun, hardworking and creative individual who will bring that special something to our crew.

If you have a strong love for lettering, and are interested in applying, please send a cover letter via email to: [email protected] and tell us more about yourself — including your social media handles.
This position will focus on:
  • Blogging, communications, client service, video production and event planning.
  • 4-6 hours a week (a mix between remote work and attending events)
  • This will be a paid summer internship from June through August.
*If you have been to one of our Sip & Scripts, let us know! Though it is not required*

First off, welcome to our new blog!! We are so excited to have a space to share some updates and behind the scenes with you. Our first business trip overseas (errr.. 1-hour ferry ride) felt like the perfect trip to share.

We have been such a big fan of Holly Finnegan from Nantucket Black Book when she told us about the BrandHuman workshop was happening at the end of March on Nantucket, we felt like it was the perfect reason to escape to the island of Nantucket.While Meg had visited Nantucket many times, this was a first for Julie. And it only took about 5 minutes walking on the beautiful cobblestone streets to be completely infatuated with the island. (luckily she was wearing flats, it might have been a different outcome if dressed in heels)

The trip started with an early morning Ferry Ride. where we bumped into the lovely ladies of Greylady Revelry Co – who were also on route to the workshop- and once we arrived, it was time to get ready for the Sip & Script we would be teaching for some local friends of  Holly of Nantucket Blackbook.

It was hosted at the beautiful wedding showroom of David M. Handy Events — it was so spacious, at one point we felt like we were enjoying rose on a country club golf course, but it was actually their bar area!
The small intimate class was full of local women who were made up of designers, small business owners and overall awesome ladies who were ready to get creative. Thanks to David M Handy events, the feel had a classic American nautical vibe to it. And a good time was had by all.

That was the kickoff to the workshop that starting on Friday morning, which was what we were so excited for!
If you aren’t familiar with BrandHuman, it’s the brainchild of Jasmine Takanikos, and “it invites guests to consider and define their individual goals before cultivating a brand identity. Rather than providing best practices on personal branding to participants, BrandHuman asks you to think and feel first.”

And it was exactly what we needed.

The day was filled with such wonderful insight and motivation on figuring out who and what you are as a business. We were ready to take on the world afterward (as long as we could still touch base with Jasmine and Holly, of course!!!!)

The Saturday we were originally scheduled to head back to the mainland, but mother nature was not having it. We learned early on that the ferries were canceled on April 1st due to strong winds. Both our husbands thought it was some intricate April Fools prank, but alas, we were stuck on the island to explore whether it was raining or not. Luckily our path brought us to Cisco Brewery, where rain and wind did not hinder any of the celebrations. Live music and plenty of folks who didn’t mind a *little* rain.

Sadly, the ferries started up again the next day and we headed back home. But not without leaving a little of our hearts on Nantucket, and we definitely plan on heading back to teach more classes this summer.
Thanks again to Holly, Jasmine, and David for a wonderful weekend!

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